Dear KVMT Students,
Thank you for your interest in participating in KVMT’s spring musical, “YOU’RE A
. Each year we look forward to providing the theater
experience to as many students as possible (onstage and offstage) and sharing the love
of theater with them all.
This year is going to be a bit different. Reminder that you must be a Keith Valley Middle
School student in grades 6th-8 th grade to participate.

Our COVID 19 Season:
In the face of the pandemic we have made a pivot to still have a program but will
be doing so virtually and hybrid as to ensure the safety of all students and staff.
The proposed plan is to hold rehearsals VIRTUALLY via Zoom- and recording
our sessions to edit together for one VIRTUAL performance. Think of this like a
film version of the musical versus a live stage production.
In the spring, we hope to be in a position to schedule time to record in small
groups, in person, with a professional green screen and equipment - while
practicing all safety mitigation measures of social distancing and facial coverings.
This will ONLY take place if it is safe to do so for all involved.
That being said, please know the schedule is a living and breathing document,
that will change to meet the needs of all involved, while always ensuring the
safety of all.
If you feel uncomfortable meeting in person at all, please indicate so on the
corresponding audition documents.

Parent/Guardian Involvement:
KVMT is a co-operative youth theatre run entirely by a small staff and can only
function best with our amazing volunteers. Parental involvement is required from
each family where a young person is cast in the show.
As this will be fully virtual, there will be times where the student will need
someone to assist in recording them from home. We will provide directions (and
at times equipment) to do so, but please know, there will be a need for some
involvement from the caregivers in this process.
There will be a “Caregivers Meeting” the first night of rehearsals, and an adult
from each family will be asked to sign up to help with costumes, sets, props,
publicity (photoshop experience?) or something technical (video editing, etc.).
We will also require parental assistance during the run of the show.

Unfortunately, given this new structure, we are unable to accommodate as many
students as we have in the past. We are used to including 70+ students, but the
limitations of this newly virtual program and staffing will significantly limit those

that can participate. Please know, we wish we could accept everyone, but are
simply not able to do so.
To try and give opportunities for more students, we are looking to double cast
many of principal roles. (Double Cast: The role will be shared by multiple
students) A cast of characters appears below detailing the available roles.


Because we are not in-person our need for crew will be a lot different. This year
our need is for filming, video editing, and photoshop experience creating
backgrounds and animated content for our final film. Creating/gathering
costumes and props in your home for use onscreen.

Rehearsals will be held virtually- Monday-Thursday in the evenings (after
6:30pm) through March 31st. A formal schedule will be released weekly- but
know it may change! As mentioned above, the status of COVID and cast safety
will be used to determine if filming opportunities in person will develop. The first
month of rehearsals will be strictly Music, dance and Character Work.
Any known conflicts (ex. Holidays, days out of town, sport games etc.) must be
noted on the audition form, with dates and specific times, in order to be excused.
NOTE: More than three unexcused missed rehearsals may result in removal from
the production.


Review the cast of characters in the list provided below. Consider your comfort level
with whether you are more interested in a singing role or acting role. A Principal
Character or an Ensemble role.
All auditions will be held online, so please follow information provided VERY Closely.
You will receive this information after you register in our online Audition Form.



We are asking you to prepare and perform an acting and singing audition piece.

Friday, January 15th .

• Singing (Choose from a Principal role or Ensemble role)
• Monologue


You will be given the lyrics and a link to both a vocal version and accompaniment
for each song. The vocal tracks are useful for learning the song, but since you
will be singing the song with the accompaniment track in your audition video, it’s
recommended that you also practice with that track.

To make this process easier, we have included 4 monologues (2 for boys and 2
for girls) to choose from. Select one to present.
It is recommended that your audition is memorized, but because you are on your
computer you can use the words but do not READ the monologue. ACT it.
Be present.

Good luck!

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