Dear KVMT Students,
Thank you to all who auditioned! Such an amazing group of kids!

Our COVID 19 Season:
In the face of the pandemic we have made a pivot to still have a program but will
be doing so virtually and hybrid as to ensure the safety of all students and staff.
The proposed plan is to hold rehearsals VIRTUALLY via Zoom- and recording
our sessions to edit together for one VIRTUAL performance. Think of this like a
film version of the musical versus a live stage production.
In the spring, we hope to be in a position to schedule time to record in small
groups, in person, with a professional green screen and equipment - while
practicing all safety mitigation measures of social distancing and facial coverings.
This will ONLY take place if it is safe to do so for all involved.
That being said, please know the schedule is a living and breathing document,
that will change to meet the needs of all involved, while always ensuring the
safety of all.
If you feel uncomfortable meeting in person at all, please indicate so on the
corresponding audition documents.

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